make sanitizer at home

How to make sanitizer at home with simple steps

Learn How to Make sanitizer at Home

Now a day there is nothing more important than social distancing. Everyone knows that there is coronavirus going all around the world, and everybody’s buying hand sanitizer because alcoholic based hand sanitizer is able to kill this virus. Here we will disscus about How to make Sanitizer at Home ?

How to make sanitizer at home
How to make sanitizer at home

Wash your hands regularly, when that’s not available use hand sanitizers whether it’s a store-bought or make it by yourself. But be informed you have to make sure it meets the alcohol-based sanitizer criteria. You just want to make sure that you are making the right thing. You don’t want a false sense of security that you go to the grocery store touch a shopping cart that hundreds of others have touched. So if it does not do the job that’s a shame. It’s reckless and it’s unfair to give the wrong information.

The sanitizer has to be alcoholic based and it needs to be a minimum of 60 percent. You can also make it slightly higher.

Things you will need to make alcohol-based hand sanitizers are listed below.

  1. Methylated spirits/ 70% Isopropyl alcohol – Just to be sure Methylated spirits are actually 95 percent ethanol. It’s almost pure alcohol. now what they have actually added though to it are some poisons. That tastes quite disgusting. And the reason that they do that so that you won’t add this to like a coca-cola and make rum and coke sort of alcohol. You could just soak your hands in the ethanol. But what happens is that the ethanol is actually quite absorbent to water. So it dries. It will dry out your skin very quickly. Methylated spirits are actually quite dangerous. It as a liquid fuel and it actually causes a lot of incidents and accidents.
  1. Glycerin/ Gel – So what’s going to protect and moisturize your skin well. You need to have a gel and here I am going to get the gel from a wonderful plant called aloe vera. Aloe Vera is a succulent and it is great for if you get a sunburn. Just apply the gel to your skin. It’s got vitamin E, vitamin C. It will form a moisture layer gel on your skin that will help protect your skin from the alcohol and from drying out.
  1. Essential oils – Choose any essential oil from the market just to give some nice fragrance to your sanitizer.
  1. Spray bottle – This sanitizer is going to be a little thinner and consistency. But it will make a great multipurpose spray. You can use it on your hands. It can be used for hard surfaces like the shopping cart, on the floor, on door handles. You can also saturate paper towels to make ready to go hand wipes.
make sanitizer at home
How to make sanitizer at home | Social Distancing

Now I am going to explain below how to make alcoholic hand sanitizers.

Step I. Pour isopropyl alcohol into the bowl.

Step II. I am going to use aloe Vera as a gel. Peel off the anti grain layout. Put it in the blend. Blend it up. You will get a clear colorless goopy gel. Put the gel in a bowl and mix it well with the isopropyl alcohol.

Step III. Add some drops of essential oil you want. Take a whisk and mix it well with the gel and isopropyl alcohol solution.

Step IV. Now transfer the whole solution into the spray bottle.

How to make sanitizer at home
How to make sanitizer at home | Stay Home Saty Safe

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You have your own virus stopper homemade alcohol based sanitizer is ready to use.  I hope this helps you.

If you have an allergy to any of these ingredients then consult with your doctor.