How to make Jaggery Rice Pudding at home?

Jaggery Rice Pudding

One of my favourite pudding. Taste of jaggery have been my all-time favourite ever since I tried it at my home in Bhiwani. Trust me guys- this was truly “Love at first bite. It’s so healthy pudding even then sugar free everybody eat it. Try it at home it’s so easy and yummy dessert. Follow my simple and easy recipe at home: How to make Jaggery Rice Pudding at home?


Regular milk: 1 litre

Milk Powder: 4 tsp

Basmati rice: ½ Cup

Jaggery powder: 1 Cup

Amul Ghee: 1 Cup

Resins: 2 tsp

Almonds: 4-5 pieces.

Cashews: 4 pieces.


  1. Take a milk in a heavy bottom pan and bring it to boil on medium flame.
  2. If you are using regular then also add milk powder and whisk it well.
  3. Let the milk reduce to ¾ of its original volume on lower flame.
  4. Roast the rice on medium flame in a separate pan using 1 tsp of ghee.
  5. Add the roasted rice when the milk become 3/4
  6. Continue cooking and whisk the sides of the pot till the milk is reduced to half and the rice is cooked completely.
  7. Roast the cashews, almonds and resins in a separate pan using 1 tsp of ghee.
  8. Once the rice is cooked- turn off the flame.
  9. Add the jaggery and mix it well till it dissolves completely.
  10. Let the pudding cool down at room temperature after that refrigerate it for 1,2 hours.
  11. Sprinkle the roasted almonds, resins and cashews over the pudding.
  12. Serve it cool.

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Most popular dessert in India it’s just a twist in kheer we called it rice pudding. It’s made from simple ingredients easily available at home. Also this recipe is very flexible you can modify it according to the ingredients available at home. Feel free to try any of my recipes.

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