Fix Lag in PUBG mobile

How To Fix Lag In PUBG Mobile in Simple Way

Effective Ways To Fix Lag In PUBG Mobile

Here we are going to discuss about how to fix lag in PUBG Mobile. But first of all a short brief about this game. PUBG (Players Unknown Battleground) is one of the famous and popular games trending nowadays on mobile phones. The game is very interesting to play but being a high quality and containing large detailed , the game may stutter and lag your phone.

Hopefully in this guide we are going to give you some tips & tricks to fix lag in PUBG mobile which helps the game to run faster and smoother on your phone, so follow the solutions and play the game without lag:

So let’s go through them.

Fix Lag in PUBG mobile
Fix Lag in PUBG mobile

Fixes 1: Basic Requirements

If you want to play PUBG mobile without lag then your Android phone must meet these basic requirements:


Storage: 2.5GB

OS– Android 5.1 or higher

GPU– Adreno 505/ Mali T830 or higher

Processor– Snapdragon 430/ Kirin -655 or higher

Fixes 2:  Basic Optimizations

Some basic things that you must do to prevent any kind of lagging issue on PUBG mobile gaming includes:

(i) Make sure that the version of PUBG mobile installated on your device is latest.

(ii) Make sure your phone and your phone’s OS is compatible with the PUBG Mobile.

(iii) Make sure that your device has enough free internal memory storage.

(iii) Make sure that you have good and stable nternet connection, so that it doesn’t interrupts the game.

Fixes 3 : Clear Cache and Clear Data

Another useful way whic can help you to solve PUBG mobile lag issue is by clearing cache and data of the app. In order to clear cache and  data of PUBG mobile, follow the below steps:

(i) Go to your Device Settings.

(ii) Open App Management

(iii) Go to “All Apps” tab and select PUBG Mobile in it.

(iv) Tap on Clear Cache and Storage.

(v) Reboot your phone and then launch the game and check if it is performing good or not.

Fixes 4:  Use GFX Tool to fix lag In PUBG mobile

One of the best tools available for smooth running of PUBG Mobile on play store is GFX Tool, which can help you to unlock 60 fps. Follow the below mentioned steps to reduce the lag in your PUBG Mobile with the help of GFX Tool:

1: Download and install the GFX Tool on your Device

2: Open the App

3: Now customize the graphics settings for PUBG Mobile.

(i) Version: Select the version of the PUBG Mobile game.

(ii) Resolution & Graphics: Set the optimal resolution and best graphics that matches your device capability.

(iii) FPS: Unlock maximum frame per second (FPS), ideally set it to 60fps.

(iv) Style: Select the style as “Classic”.

(v) GPU: Enable GPU as it reduces the useless effects.

4: Once you have adjusted everything, click on “Accept”. The app will then start to play video ad and after that the settings will get applied.

Fixes 5: Enabling Developer Option

Enabling developer option is not a difficult task. Simply go to Settings > About Phone and then click “Build Number” 5 times. Once you have done this open the developer options and change:

(i) Window Animation Scale to 0.5x

(ii) Transition animation scale to 0.5x

(iii) Animator Duration scale to 0.5x

(iv) After that do the following changes as well:

Enable Force GPU rendering

Force 4x MSAA

Disable HW overlays.

Fixes 6: Other Minor Tips

Close all the unnwanted apps that are running in the background, while playing PUBG, this will clear the RAM on your mobile and the game will run smoothly.

It happens many a times that we turn on Battery Saver Mode to save battery, but in that mode, the device reduces the RAM usage and hence results in lagging of PUBG Mobile. So, you can make sure that the Battery Mode is turned OFF or you can go to Battery and open Battery Save and then select PUBG Mobile and tap ‘no restriction’ to enable smooth game play on your device.

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We hope following the above fix lag in PUBG Mobile will now help you to play the game smoothly without any problem, and wil help get you your Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.