Link TikTok with Instagram

How to add an Instagram link on TikTok – ( Step By Step Process)

Add an Instagram link on TikTok

Want to link Tiktok with Instagram? Trust me, it is so easy! Just follow these few simple steps here.

Now TikTok has become a top-rated short video app. Do you know it has around 1 billion downloads per day? It has a large number of users from different countries. So undoubtedly, it is just a gold mine for several types of videos. And the secret of getting famous?

Here it is. Just add an Instagram link with your TikTok and increase followers and fans in both the accounts. Isn’t this great!

Earn Money from TikTok

Everyone is trying to be famous and viral. And here you have a chance to increase your fame. “Don’t just miss it! Utilize it”. Be the popular Instagram queen, and as well as a TikTok star is excellent at the social media platform. If you have a great fan base on Instagram, you can also use it to increase the fan base on TikTok and vice versa. Make your videos more popular using your Instagram link.

So, now you must be willing to know how to add the Instagram link on TikTok,

Follow the step by step process to see the secret of increasing the fanbase.

Step 1: First, you will have to open the TikTok account on your device. Now you will be on the homepage, where you can watch several videos of them which are published for you or whom you are following.

Step 2: You needs to tap on the icon of ‘person‘ in the lower side that is on the right on your screen and then open your profile.

Link TikTok with Instagram

Step 3: Then, you are required to log in for viewing your profile.

Link TikTok with Instagram

Step 4: Now, you need to tap the Edit Profile, but before that, you need to visit the profile page you have already opened.

Link TikTok with Instagram

Step 5: Then, you will get the option of adding a link. You need to click on that.

Link TikTok with Instagram

Step 6: Copy the link from Instagram you wish to add on TikTok bio. And paste here. And click the ‘allow’ button.

Congratulations! You have added your Instagram link with your Tik Tok account successfully. Isn’t this so easy to add on the Instagram link with your TikTok? Now, no one can stop you from having eternal love react and huge fans instantly.

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To Sum it up

In China, TikTok was first introduced. Its first name was Musically. It has been in these years growing like a virus in different countries all over the world. So many renowned people have earned billions in TikTok. As well as their Instagram videos are also this much popular to make money. Then why not you? It is a huge chance to get famous among youths or your friends. Impress them with your videos now and link both the apps together. It will help you to increase your fan base rapidly.