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How to boycott China and why?

Boycott China and why?

Avoid China – Recently we heard about India and China borders tension. Last month, Chinese soldiers have entered the Indian-controlled territory of Ladakh’s Galvan valley at different points.

Generally when these type of tensions rises at the borders.  We as a common citizen think that we cannot do anything. Our military can do, they will protect us. But today through this article I want to say that this time we need to help our soldiers who protect us regardless of their lives. We can boost our army morale. It is important to have a united India in times of difficulties.

But the basic question is what we all can do in this, India and china war to support our country. Before this, we need to understand why China is using such dirty tricks. China is not doing this for the first time and not only with India.

But from the last, some week’s china is doing such dreadful things with some other countries like Vietnam, Taiwan, and Hongkong.  Due to these antics of China, these countries are also facing a lot of trouble.

China’s biggest weapon is the economy

Boycott Chinese apps and why
Boycott Chinese apps and why | Boycott Chinese app | boycott chinese products

China’s biggest weapon is the economy and China’s internal pressure is increasing day by day. So they need these conflicts to divert attention. China is the world’s most populous country and the government knows that if the public turns against them, then they may face a lot of trouble.

Factories have been closed there for many days due to the spread of the coronavirus. This results in a decrease in employment rate by20 percent their.  Because of this, there is anger in public. That’s why the Chinese govt is doing such war this time so that they can unite their people.

Currently, their main focus is only on how to increase the Economic rate because the Chinese government knows that the day there GDP will fall, that day they will not be able to stop public anger.

The situation can be worst than they think. And the Chinese government doesn’t want that to happen because if that happens that would be a disaster.

Thoughts of some other countries about china.

We all know that presently most of the countries are very angry about china and on their activities. It might be possible this time that everyone will unite in this movement. In fact, People in china are equally a victim of this regime so we outside china should help them also liberating in a way.

People are facing lots of problems there. People are so angry with the manner that china has committed. This is like a limit after damaging the entire world with this coronavirus disease and then economically they come to damages in these ways. Stronger measures should be taken.

How can civilians support the military in this war? It should not be just the military left to respond to such threats. it should be a duty for every citizen and china being china’s totalitarian regime it hurts them more when it is economic hit more than just bullets. Our army responds well with their bullets we must as citizens also use our wallet judiciously and not patronize such behaviors.

Give up all Chinese software and hardware in a year

More than 100 Chinese companies, many of them state-owned, have established offices or operations in India. China realizes that the speed at which India is building infrastructure if it does so china loses its advantage.

This is an amazing opportunity; you can do a lot of activism and saviors by just clicking some nonsensical apps from your phone or by choosing not to buy certain things from certain countries.

One should not leave those stronger measures for the govt. and the military. We as a citizen have a duty to play our role in this. We as a citizen of India do our bit by boycotting Chinese products and hitting them back economically. Make this movement, a global movement

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Economic  Avoide of china

Economic  Avoide of china
Economic  Avoide of china | Boycott chinese products

Throw out all the made in china goods. Indian citizens need to decide what are the pros and cons and how it hurts us or helps us these products. We need to stand by on our own choices.

Businesses depend on customers more than customers depends on businesses we have choices so businesses will adapt very soon. We give them time to adapt to these changed choices of the people. If we are determined it will be possible.

We are virtually supporting and financing the guns and rockets that killing your cousins and brothers on the borders. So do you so much want such applications on your phone? You have an option just throw away everything that belongs to a regime’s that not behaving well.

It is important to give citizen’s reply this time

Boycott Chinese apps
Boycott Chinese | Boycott Chinese app | boycott chinese products

This movement will also help to increase India’s economic rate, employment rate, GDP. Uninstall Chinese app and start to develop and support Indian apps. Start from today, aware more and more people, share on social Media’s and on every platform. When the result of this movement will reflect, Chinese apps from the internet will start uninstalling at a huge rate, and in this way, we convey our anger to china. Make in India and made in India can be successful.