How to keep your family safe from an Earthquake

keep your family safe from an Earthquake

Unlike other kinds of natural disasters, this earthquake can happen at any time, without giving us any notice. So, being prepared for an earthquake will make much difference in having the power to protect yourself first. After that your family or your home if an earthquake happens.

So, keep reading blogs to seek out to prepare your family for a sudden earthquake. You must know what to undertake during or after the earthquake to stay safe.

How to prepare yourself and your family for an Earthquake


How to steel oneself against an earthquake, Government advises that you simply should be prepared for 3 things: First yourself, your family, and your home. Make sure about each member of your family should know what to undertake to during an earthquake.

You’ve to schedule drills alongside your family to urge the practice that what’s your earthquake safety plan. These drills must include these specific steps for Drop, Cover, Hold On! And also, confirm that everyone among your relations should know when and therefore the thanks to contact 100.

Earthquakes can strike at any time and anywhere. So, protect yourself alongside your family by having an earthquake readiness masterplan within the situation.

Here are some tips and tricks for your earthquake readiness plan.


  • In most situations, you’ll reduce your chance of injury from the falling objects and albeit building collapse on you immediately.


  • Fell down onto your four arms and knees before the earthquake knocks you down. This position will protect you from falling down but allows you to still move if necessary.


  • Cover your neck and head if possible, your full body under any sturdy table or desk. If there is no shelter nearby, get down near an inside wall or next to low-lying furniture that won’t fall on you, and canopy your head and neck alongside your arms and hands.


  • Hold tightly to your shelter support until the shaking stops. You have to be prepared to take care of your shelter if the shaking shifts it around.


  • Don’t substitute a doorway. you will be much safer under a table. We see in modern houses; doorways aren’t any stronger than the opposite a neighbourhood of the house. The doorway doesn’t protect you from the foremost likely source of injury−falling or flying objects.


  • Most of the earthquake-related injuries and deaths are caused by falling or flying objects (e.g., TVs, lamps, glass, bookcases). So, you’ll also take other actions, while an earthquake is happening, which can reduce your chances of being hurt.


  • If it’s possible, So, before shaking intensifies, quickly move distant from the glass, hanging objects, and bookcases, china cabinets, or other large furniture that might fall.
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  • Always await falling objects, like bricks from fireplaces and chimneys, lighting, wall hangings, high shelves, and cabinets with doors that might swing open.


  • If available nearby, grab something kind of a shield upon your head and face from falling debris and broken glass.


  • Although you’re stuck within the kitchen, quickly pack up the gas and take cover at the first sign of shaking.


  • If you’re in the bedroom, hold on and stay there, protecting your head with a pillow. you’re less likely to be injured staying where you’re.


  • Broken glass on the bottom has caused injury to people who have rolled to the bottom or tried to urge to doorways.