How To Unlock iPhone Free

How To Unlock iPhone Free

Unlock iPhone Free

In this modern era phone has become an essential part of everyone for calling, photography, watching movies, listening to songs, playing games, watching time, calculations, etc. for now and then we need to check our phones. If we will take a survey and ask people about the brand they prefer for the phone, there is a specific outcome we will get is an Apple. Millions of people trust only Apple’s phone. iPhone has a variety of phones, MacBook and many products for their customers that has won the hearts of their customers. There are some restrictions with the apps, Sims to run on the iPhone. However, many of us now can unlock such restricted things on the iPhone. If you are one of them who wish to know How to unlock iPhone Free? Then you are at rice place read further to get your doubts cleared.

Many people wait to buy the latest version of Apple’s phone. Post-release of latest version iOS v8, Many bugs were reported by the users and resulted in this Apple has fixed issues with iOS v8 and has launched the version iOS v8.3.Still, almost every iPhone user is facing the same problem of unlocking it. Apple iPhone does not allow every network to access it. It becomes difficult for the user to use the system or sims they want to. We are providing some tips through which you can Unlock iPhone free. Follow the methods mentioned below.

Unlock iPhone Method

Method 1- Carrier unlock

  • The first that you will need to do is contact the carrier and report to change them to change the carrier. There they ask for the iPhone few for changing carrier, and your problem will be sorted.
  • Next, you will need you to need to contact and request the airline in which you want to switch. Post-approval from the existing carrier, you can easily use both the airlines and switch among both.

Method 2-Third party unlock.

  • You can search about the companies which find the smart way to unlock phones and provides the unlock codes for the phones through which you can unlock your phone.
  • Before paying any company for the open case, you should always search more about the company. Its reviews, customers’ ratings, etc. and ask about your phone to the forums.
  • Following all the steps, you can unlock your iPhone, which means even if you upgrade your phone.
  • Now you will need to get your iPhone to be listed on Apple’s official unlocked phone. You will need to give the IMEI number of your phone to the company through which you are unlocking your phone.

IMEI is a code which is unique for every phone, and you can get it by dialling *#06#.  Your IMEI number will be displayed on your screen. On many iPhones, it is printed on the bottom of the phone or in the sim tray of the phone.

  • After following all the steps. You will need to wait for some time or say some days for the company to get the code for you. You have to make sure that the details given by you are correct.